Love & Money: How to Talk to your Partner About Money

Bob and I have been married for three months now.

We talk about money often, but that's because I'm the "money person" in our relationship and just more chatty in general about all topics.

We're absolutely in love with each other. Money has come up from time to time in our relationship before we were married, and now that we're married, we're talking more and more about money as we merge our finances together.

It's not always easy, and the conversation doesn't always come out "right," but it's extremely fun and daunting all at the same time to have "the talk" with your partner about your finances. A certain sort of "you show me yours, I'll show you mine," flirtatious dance back and forth slowly and then quickly revealing information about bank accounts, car loans, student debt, and all sorts of other surprises.

What makes talking about money difficult in a romantic relationship is that we all come with our own individual upbringings, values, and beliefs about what role money plays in our life.

Money spending/saving behaviors, sleep hygiene, and loading the dishwasher: there are rarely two people in love who align equally on any or all of these three issues.

But getting the conversation started is the first step. A lot of our "couple friends" are buying houses now, so we took this opportunity to "interview" ourselves about our own journey merging our finances preparing for our future goals such as buying our own house together.

So here's how we started our own conversation. Looks like we're both looking for more information and advice about our next steps.

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